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Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release date [1] April 9, 2007

[2] April 19, 2007 [3] September 14, 2007 [4] September 20, 2007 [5] February 26, 2009

Genre Platformer, RPG
ESRB: [6] - Everyone
PEGI: [7] - Three years and older
CERO: [8] - All ages
ACB: [9] - General
Mode(s) Single-player
Input Wii:[10]Wii Remote

Super Paper Mario is a RPG type platformer for the Wii, in the vein of the classic Mario titles, but with the aesthetic qualities of the Paper Mario series. The game takes place in a strange 2D dimension. However, it's not just a 2D side-scroller. The game fuses elements of 2D and 3D gameplay together, shifting back and forth between dimensions. As Nintendo Power magazine describes it, the game is the first "2.5D" sidescrolling video game.

The player must start out with Mario, as time moves on Princess Peach, Luigi, and even Bowser will be playable and switched at anytime via the menu. The game also makes many references to Super Mario Bros. For example, a Mega Star allows characters to turn into a huge pixelated 8-bit sprites of themselves to destroy virtually everything in their path. They look like they did in Super Mario Bros. when this happens.

The game was originally planned for the Nintendo GameCube, but Nintendo changed it to the Wii to accommodate the motion-sensing to control Tippi and the mini-games. Additionally, the game was originally going to be released in 2006, but was pushed back to 2007. All of the graphics in the game also seem to have pixelated effects, including small squares to make up colors of objects and backgrounds; however, they are visible and share a style with Mario's Super Picross. Super Paper Mario was released in North America on April 9, 2007 and in Europe on September 14, 2007.


[hide] *1 Story


[11][12]The inter-dimensional wedding, where the Chaos Heart is being created.The story opens with Mario and Luigi being informed by Toad about Princess Peach's latest kidnapping. Believing Bowser to be the culprit once again, the brothers immediately head off to his castle, only to find him preparing to attack. A new villain named Count Bleck then appears with his assistant, Nastasia and Princess Peach, who is his prisoner. He announces his plans to use Peach "to destroy all worlds", and renders Mario unconscious with his dark powers when the plumber tries to attack him. When Bowser demands Peach's release, Bleck decides to take the King of the Koopas as well, and sucks him, the gathered Koopa Troop, Luigi and Peach away, leaving only Mario behind. [13][14]Mario in Chapter 1-1, flipped to the 3-D dimension.Elsewhere, when Peach regains her own consciousness, she discovers that she and Bowser are both dressed in wedding outfits and standing at an altar, while Bowser's minions cheer on their ecstatic king. Count Bleck is officiating the wedding, and while Bowser agrees to take Peach as his wife, she tries to refuse, only to be forced into saying "I do" by Nastasia's powers of hypnosis. The marriage between the "furious monster king" and the "fair and lovely princess" calls forth the Chaos Heart, just as Count Bleck had planned. Luigi awakens in the crowd and tries to stop Bleck and save Peach, but he is too late. Fulfilling the prophecy he read in an ancient book known as the Dark Prognosticus, Bleck takes the Chaos Heart and uses it to open a dimensional rift known as The Void, which will swallow the universe.

Back at Bowser's Castle, Mario is awakened by a Pixl named Tippi, who brings him to the town of Flipside and introduces him to Merlon. He owns the benevolent counterpart of Bleck's book, the Light Prognosticus, and explains that his tome speaks of a hero fitting Mario's description who could stop the impending destruction of all the worlds. The Void is already visible in the sky above Flipside, and with no time to lose, Merlon gives Mario the first of eight Pure Hearts that he will need to counteract the Chaos Heart. Tippi then guides Mario to the first Heart Pillar found in Flipside, into which Mario puts his Pure Heart, causing a red door to appear on top of Flipside Tower leading straight to Lineland. Merlon also tells Mario that he must learn the "dimensional technique" from his friend Bestovius, without which he would not be able to find the rest of the Pure Hearts.

Meanwhile, in Castle Bleck, the Count and Nastasia meet with the other three minions, Dimentio, O'Chunks and the shape-shifting Mimi. They are all looking forward to the destruction of the "rotten worlds", at which point Count Bleck promises to make a new, perfect world where all his minions' dreams will come true. When Nastasia reports that there has been some "unapproved interdimensional activities" lately and suspects it's the hero of prophecy that's causing it, O'Chunks volunteers to take care of Bleck's enemy, and Dimentio agrees to tag along and watch the show.

Chapter 1: LinelandEdit

Mario proceeding in Lineland.By going through the red door, Mario starts his adventure in Lineland, the first world. He manages to find the Flip wizard, Bestovius, and gains the ability to flip between dimensions, which proves quite handy in traversing Lineland. After climbing Mount Lineland, Mario and Tippi reach Yold Town, where they find another Pixl named Thoreau, who assists them as they cross the puzzle-filled Yold Desert. They encounter O'Chunks in the desert, but using Thoreau, they easily defeat him and proceeded onward to the Yold Ruins, within which the next Pure Heart is guarded by the robotic dragon, Fracktail. After checking his databases (causing his eyes to display the Wii Shop Channel loading symbol), he recognizes Mario as the legendary hero, but before he can let the plumber pass, Dimentio appears and corrupts the dragon's mind. Fracktail attacks Mario, but is eventually defeated, and with his dying words, beseeches the hero to save their world. Mario then enters the sanctum Fracktail was guarding, and is given a Pure Heart by Merlumina, one of the ancients who wrote the Light Prognosticus.


Meanwhile, O'Chunks reports back to Castle Bleck in shame, so the Count sends Mimi to deal with the hero, confident that the powers he has given her will bring her success. Nastasia then goes in the search of some of the "goons" who still aren't under the Bleck's control.

Soon after, Peach (back in her usual pink dress) wakes up in Castle Bleck where she meets a couple of Bowser's minions. The Hammer Bro. who goes looking for Bowser is soon hypnotized by Nastasia, as is the Koopa Troopa when he and Peach are caught in a dead end during their search for an exit, however the princess is teleported out of the castle before she shares in their fate.

Far away, Mario returns to Flipside (where the Void has slightly increased in size) and brings the Pure Heart to Merlon's house, where they are soon interrupted by a citizen panicking about a girl falling from the sky. They investigate and discover that the girl is actually Princess Peach. On Merlon's orders, Mario fetches some Spicy Soup from the local chef, Saffron, which revives the princess. She insists on joining Mario on his quest, as she feels that she and Bowser are at fault for the Void's existence, so Merlon sends them both on their way, telling them that he belives the next Pure Heart is with Merlee, the charmer. Peach helps Mario find the next Heart Pillar and the orange door to Gloam Valley appears.

Chapter 2: Gloam ValleyEdit

Peach traveling in Gloam Valley.Mario and Peach cross Gloam Valley to reach Merlee's Mansion, meeting an explosive Pixl named Boomer on the way. At the mansion, Mimi is waiting in disguise as Merlee's maid, and uses traps to stall the heroes, but they soon make their way farther into the mansion, inadvertently freeing Merlee's pet Gnaw, who chases after Mimi. She quickly returns, however, and when the heroes accidentally break a vase, she claims it is worth one million rubees and forces them to work off their dept in the mansion's power plant, where many more prisoners are labouring away. With some more exploring, the heroes find a new Pixl called Slim, and using his abilities, they find a secret room which had been spoken of by some of the other prisoners. Inside is one million rubees, and when they present the vase payment to Mimi, she explodes in rage. The heroes head to the basement where a spectral Merlee appears and warns them to be careful as they search for her, but the connection is soon lost. They soon find who appears to be Merlee, but soon discover that it is really Mimi in disguise, enraging the shape-shifting girl, who reverts into her "true" form: a spider-like creature. With Mimi in pursuit, Mario, Peach and the Pixls eventually track down the real Merlee hiding in a bathroom. Mimi turns back into Merlee to try and fool the heroes, who are then forced to ask each "Merlee" questions in a quiz show overseen by the InterNed to try and discern the real one from the imposter. After being outed once more, Mimi attacks the heroes in her true form once again, but she is weakened by Merlee's magical cheering and they defeat her. Once Mimi flees, Merlee offers the Third Pure Heart to Mario and Peach, and tells them that there is actually a total of four heroes are mentioned in the Light Prognosticus.


With Mimi defeated by the hero, Count Bleck decides to send his third minion, Dimentio, to go after the hero of prophecy. Nastasia resumes her hunt for non-hypnotized "goons" around the castle. Meanwhile, Luigi wakes up and is greeted by two Goombas, who trick him into finding them an exit out of the castle, although they eventually find themselves trapped in a dead-end by Nastasia. One of the Goombas is hypnotized and the other Goomba joins the winning team, and they restrain Luigi so that Nastasia can hypnotize him as well.

The Void is still getting bigger over Flipside when Mario, Peach and their Pixl friends return. After finding the third Heart Pillar, a yellow door to The Bitlands appears on the tower.

Chapter 3: The BitlandsEdit

The Bitlands.After going through the third door to the pixelated Bitlands, Tippi is kidnapped by the geeky chameleon Francis, who then disappears. Another Pixl named Barry witnessed the scene from behind a bush and tells the heroes how to reach Fort Francis, and while he's sceptical about their chances, he says they should come back and tell him if they do manage to save Tippi. After passing through an underground area just like level 1-2 in Super Mario Bros. (and passing through above-ground areas with remixed versions of the original game's background music), Mario and Peach come across some castles guarded by Koopas, Hammer Bros. and Bullet Bills. They use Boomer to blow up the main fortress, out of which flies Bowser, who angrily attacks Mario for destroying his new lair (after knocking Peach away with a shockwave and calling up a barrier to prevent her from fighting). After Bowser is defeated, he explains that he was locked up in Bleck's castle and doesn't know how he suddenly appeared in the Bitlands. Peach asks him to help her and Mario collect the Pure Hearts and save Tippi; when Bowser refuses, Mario points out that he can never rule the world if Bleck destroys it, changing his mind.

The three continue on together, swimming across the Tile Pool (which also borrows much of its design from Super Mario Bros.). Underwater, they meet a new Pixl, Thudley, who gives them the ability to Ground Pound, and defeat the monstrous Big Blooper. The heroes then start climbing The Dotwood Tree to use the winds at its top to float across the gorge separating them from Fort Francis, as Barry had instructed them to do. On their way up the tree, they battle Dimentio, who brushes off his defeat as a mere amusement. In reality, he was testing the heroes' strength: after he has left them, he muses that he has to make sure the heroes become strong enough to defeat Count Bleck when the time comes.

Unaware of Dimentio's plotting, Mario, Peach and Bowser head off to Fort Francis, where they navigate many puzzles, come across a lot of nerdy memorabilia, and even find another trapped Pixl named Carrie. When the heroes reach him, Francis becomes instantly infatuated with Peach and uses a flirty chat interface called Swoon.exe to try and talk to her, but she quickly gets angry and blows up the communicator with Boomer. The heroes then defeat Francis in battle and free Tippi from the cage he had been keeping her in, and her feelings of happiness and trust towards the heroes calls forth the next Pure Heart.


Back at Castle Bleck, Dimentio recounts his loss to the other villains and wonders if the heroes are strong enough to defy the prophesy, although Count Bleck is confident that the Light Prognosticus is false, and that the Dark Prognosticus holds all the answers he needs. He tells Nastasia to send "him" to deal with the heroes and then dismisses his minions, although Nastasia lingers behind. She tells Count that he still has time to "change his mind", but he feels that they have come too far to stop, although he says Nastasia can leave if she wants to. She insists she will stay by Bleck's side until her game ends (i.e. until she dies), saying her life has belonged to the Count since the day he saved it. After they have both left, Dimentio reappears, having eavesdropped on their conversation. He wonders what the Count is "playing at", but decides not to worry about it, since he has his own "projects" to attend to.

When the heroes return to Flipside, Merlon explains that the castle now owned by Francis used to belong to the Tribe of Ancients, who had sealed the Pure Heart within it for safe keeping. He also decides that Bowser is the third hero of the prophecy, but the news is not all good, as the Void is continuing to expand in the background. Merlon goes to look for something important in the Light Prognosticus, while the heroes return to The Bitlands; Barry is amazed that they defeated Francis, and decides to tag along with them on their quest.

Chapter 4: Outer SpaceEdit

Mario, Tippi, Squirps, and Barry check out something unusual.They used the next Pure Heart to open the green door to Outer Space, but found out they could not breathe here (even though they could in the last game) So they went back and got a helmet from one of the citizens back at Flipside, then went back to Outer Space. Here, they met Squirps, who served as their guide and ray gun to attack the space creatures. They made a pit stop on Planet Blobule so that Squirps could go to the bathroom. They found an outhouse, but had to irradiate the Pixl Fleep out of there first by giving some "toilet" paper first. Fleep thanked the gang by joining their party. After Squirps was done with his business, they went back onward into the Outer Limits. After that, they made their arrival to the Whoa Zone, where the Pure Heart was said to be here (or so said Squirps). After going through all the weirdness of the zone, they found the final path to the Pure Heart being blocked by another one of Bleck's flunkies, Mr. L. He seemed familiar to the others, as his attacks were of that of someone else they knew very well. The trio triumphed over Mr. L, but that just made him call for backup - his weird space machine, Brobot. Using Squirps, Brobot toppled, and Mr. L ran off. Squirps then led the gang to a statue of his mother, where the Pure Heart lay.


Back at Castle Bleck, Nastasia introduces Mr. L to O'Chunks, Mimi and Dimentio. The 3 of them argue after Mr. L says he is unimpressed with them. Once Count Bleck says that the "man in green" (which the minions see as Mr. L) is the one who brings darkness to all, O'Chunks can't believe it and goes mad. Count Bleck settles O'Chunks by sending him on a mission to eliminate the heroes. Mimi is upset that she can't do anything, while Dimentio appears to leave, and Mr. L goes to the "repair shop" to upgrade Brobot. Nastasia then says to Count Bleck that she believes his four minions combined will not stop the hero from collecting the Pure Hearts and coming for him. Count Bleck silences Nastasia when she says that the count wants to destroy the universe, when he once cherished it. Once Nastasia sadly says that if she could have been "that girl", things would be different. Count Bleck tells Nastasia that the girl can't be replaced, especially by her, and leaves the room.

The Void is still growing. Upon returning to Flipside, Tippi faints, leaving her at Merlon's and the gang finding the way into the next world themselves. Luckily, Fleep revealed a way into the alter-ego of Flipside, Flopside. By solving the puzzle of the Mirror Hall, Mario discovers the entrance to Flopside. Here, they manage to reveal the next door (and find Nolrem). They go back to Flipside, get Tippi, and enter the next world.

Chapter 5: Land of the CragnonsEdit

Mario runs from a raging Muth.They drop in (literally) to Downtown of Crag, where they are given the job of finding the missing citizens who are being taken away by Floro Sapiens. As the gang tracks down some Floro Sapiens with Cragnons, they end up fighting O'Chunks again (with the assistance of Dimentio's Dimension D). They beat him, and then find another Pixl, Cudge, who helps them enter the Floro Caverns. There, they helped Flint Cragley find his cameramen, and use the key he had to enter into the deeper parts of the Floro Caverns. Eventually, they found out that the Floros have been brainwashing Cragnons with Floro Sprouts to do their bidding. Mario and Co. wandered around the area, until they found another Pixl, Dottie. She used her powers to shrink the gang when needed, and this led to everyone fighting O'Chunks again. This time though, Dimentio put a Floro Sprout on the O'Chunks's head, making him look, feel, and sound dumber than he already was. They beat him in Dimension D again, and got the Sprout he dropped off. The Sprout helped Mario get inside the main hall of the Floro Sapien ruler, King Croacus. They met the king himself, then gave him a good beating. Only afterwards did they find out that it was the Cragnons who were doing the wrong-doing by polluting the waters with their garbage, which had driven Croacus mad. After the apologies, Mario and Co. were awarded the next Pure Heart that Croacus had. The Void is now very large.


Back at Castle Bleck, Nastasia is punishing O'Chunks by forcing him to sing a song about Count Bleck 1000 times. Mimi is so bored since she's only fought once, while Mr. L appears. After Mr. L and Mimi's argument with Nastasia, Dimentio appears and silently coaxes Mimi and Mr. L to advance to the heroes (by telling them that they get rewarded if they win). Mimi then says she has something to do (obviously sneaking out of the castle to attack), and that Mr. L has to "deflavorize the Brobot's flavorizer", obviously sneaking out to attack too.

Meanwhile, after Mario uses his 2 new Pixls to unlock the next door to the next world, is told by Nolrem that if he doesn't pass the "ultimate duels" (referring to the duels in Sammer's Kingdom), The Void will defeat all, and their games will end.

Chapter 6: Sammer's KingdomEdit

Sammer's Kingdom.They used the next Pure Heart to open a doorway leading to the Sammer's Kingdom, where the Void is almost at full size. They were "welcomed" by one of the Sammer Guys, Jade Blooper. They fight, and beat him. That's when King Sammer comes with his ninety-nine other Sammer Guys, and explains the rules of his land. Beating all 100 of his men will earn them his treasure: another Pure Heart. So, the gang starts fighting their way though the gates of Sammer Guys. Unfortunately, when they reach the 20th gate and defeat Rolling Thwomp, Count Bleck appears announcing the imminent destruction of the Sammer Kingdom. After Tippi has a brief chat with him, Bleck leaves. Mario and Co. go past the next five Sammer Guys, who are too weak to fight, until they meet up with the king again. He decides that they should have the Pure Heart now instead of later, and shows that it's in the chest on the 26th gate. The gang opens it up to reveal not a Pure Heart, but a bomb that blows up in their face, but nobody is harmed. The king is upset at this, and reveals himself to be Mimi. She fights the crew in her normal form, but gets trashed again. She doesn't care, because she was only trying to stall them. Mimi leaves, and the gang continues to rush to the 100th gate. But by the 30th, they are too late. The Void devours the entire kingdom, and everything in it.

Thankfully, the gang manages to get back to Flipside, unharmed. They see the door to the Sammer Kingdom still there, and decide to go back in. What they find is nothing but a large, white land mass. The Void left the Sammer Kingdom totally blank, leaving only small outlines of the palace, and a really long line for the gang to walk on. The heroes continue to go through the dead world, until they come across the Pure Heart, or what was left of it, as it looked to be nothing more than a dull, heart-shaped rock. But before they could claim it, Mr. L appears and takes it for himself. The gang battles him, and his new Brobot L-Type, and emerge victorious again. They get the Pure Heart from Mr. L, and before leaving, the three heroes can't shake the feeling they've seen Mr. L before.


After Mario, Peach and Bowser leave with the stone-like Pure Heart, Dimentio appears and intentionally kills Mr. L.

Meanwhile, at Castle Bleck, Nastasia fills Count Bleck in of Mimi and Mr. L's hero-fighting. After Nastasia leaves, Count Bleck wonders if the Pixl he saw in Sammer's Kindom was really "Timpani". Count Bleck remembers it can't be her, and that the prophecy is now in motion; and it can't be stopped, by anyone. Not even Count Bleck can stop it.

Back at Flipside, the three heroes and Merlon are stressed with why the Pure Heart is stone. After Merlon announces that placing it in a Heart Pillar can't help, it becomes apparent that they are, literally, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Dimentio appears, and in the same way as he did to Mr. L, kills the three heroes, leaving Merlon and Tippi in total shock.

Chapter 7: The UnderwhereEdit

Mario hanging around in some type of fountain.Mario wakes up to find himself in The Underwhere-the video game Underworld. Mario looks around trying to find a way out of the place. He comes across a strange fairy-like girl who doesn't seem to like him, then makes his way to Queen Jaydes' palace. Here, he meets Jaydes, who finds herself in a predicament. King Grambi of The Overthere wishes to have his daughter Luvbi back immediately. Jaydes asks Mario to find Luvbi for her, and for doing so, will revive the stone Pure Heart. Mario's search for Luvbi ends up in him finding his own brother Luigi. With Luigi's special jump ability, the two Brothers find Luvbi, who goes back to Jaydes after being found again. The brothers return to Jaydes, who is happy to have Luvbi back. She gives back the restored Pure Heart, and sends them back to Flipside.

The brothers head back to Merlon's to get the Pixls, then head to Flipside to activate the next door. The door ironically takes them back to the Underwhere, where Jaydes gives them a new task of escorting Luvbi to the Overthere. They make their way past Underwhere Road, where they find Bowser and get past three Door Guardians (Dorguys the First, Second, and Third) , including fighting a ravenous Underchomp. Then they make their way through Overthere Stair where they manage to get Peach back by waking her up from a deep sleep with a repulsive fruit. Finally, when they reach The Overthere, they end up freeing Nimbis, fighting all sorts of skeletons, and beating up the frozen cannon creature, Bonechill, who was attacking the Overthere. It was later revealed that Luvbi was a Pure Heart, and after a fierce argument with her parents, Luvbi decided to transform back to her Pure Heart form, and was given to Mario and the gang. The Void is now almost full size.


Back at Castle Bleck, Count Bleck is very surprised to know the heroes are still alive. Dimentio confirms it, and once O'Chunks and Mimi hear about it, they flee to the parts of Castle Bleck, ready to fight. Before Dimentio leaves, he reminds the Count of the name "Blumiere". Count Bleck demands to know how Dimentio knows this, but he all he says is that it is Mario's Pixl (Tippi), and there's no need to pay attention to one's rambling. He leaves then. Nastasia then tells Bleck that if that Pixl is Timpani, then he can stop the Dark Prognosticus. After Nastasia loudly exclaims Count Bleck's former name, Lord Blumiere, Count Bleck assures her that "the man known as Blumiere died long ago", and refuses to stop his plan.

Chapter 8: Castle BleckEdit

The entrance to the castle.They went back to Flipside. They had to travel to Flopside Tower, since there was no remaining doors in Flipside (after they found the last Heart Pillar). After being sent off with the best of luck by Merlon and Nolrem, they advance past the final door (a huge purple-dark door on Flopside Tower).

Castle Bleck is, quite unfortunately, a relentlessly huge castle filled with enemies and overall simple puzzles (excluding the final one in Chapter 8-4). After traveling through hundreds of enemies (Muth, Cursya, Squig and more minions of Count Bleck's Army), a large amount of Bowser's brainwashed minions (Boomerang Bros., Fire Bros, Koopatrols and more), they get into the final room of Castle Bleck Entry. They are confronted by O'Chunks. Bowser commands Mario, Luigi and Peach to let him fight the stronger O'Chunks on his own. After defeating the upgraded O'Chunks, Super O'Chunks, the ceiling collapses; only for O'Chunks to hold it up to save the four. O'Chunks gives the heroes the right to pass and commands them to pass; but Bowser holds up the ceiling along with O'Chunks. After Bowser commands the four to leave, O'Chunks and Bowser command each other to leave; but then, the screen skips, leaving no trace of either of them. After Luigi, Mario and Peach can't get past the door to the battleground, they hesitatingly move on without Bowser.

After passing more enemies and puzzles in Castle Bleck Foyer, and after being tricked by Mimi a few times (with the possibility of counter-tricking her), the three remaining heroes meet Mimi once and for all. After being scolded for deceiving the three heroes (by pretending to be Merlon and Merlee) by Peach, Mimi says that she likes getting what she wants, and uses whatever means necessary to get them. Mimi insults Peach by telling her she has a "big mouth while around her boyfriends". Peach, outraged, and just like Bowser, commands Mario and Luigi to let her defeat Mimi on her own. After Mimi becomes "True Mimi", she engages Peach; who successfully defeats her. The whole castle shakes, and Mario and Luigi tell Peach to move on to the next room -- but Peach stays to help Mimi. After the room makes an intenser shake, Mario and Luigi can't re-enter the room; and Peach is holding onto Mimi on a dangerous cliff. Peach tells Mimi she can't leave Mimi to die, because she is a Princess. Mimi and Peach both fall, with no info on where they are.

Now, Luigi and Mario must travel through the second last level in the game and one filled with tons of enemies, platforming challenges, and much more. After finishing all the tough puzzles, challenges and weird Dimentio sprites, they meet up with Dimentio; who immediately makes them chase him around every thing from the game; they go through the simpleness of Lineland, the Slim-requiring area of Merlee's Mansion in Mimi's bank, the Tile Pool within The Bitlands, the little gravity in Outer Space, the Land of Cragnons, the long and boring area of the Destroyed Sammer's Kingdom, and then they must go through a darkened area of The Underwhere; without using Bowser to light torches. They finally return to Dimentio in the castle. After Dimentio and Luigi converse, Dimentio admits a shocking secret: he was helping the heroes all throughout the game. He teleported Peach to Flipside so she could unite with the heroes and be saved from brainwashing, and possibly sent Bowser from Bleck's Castle to The Bitlands to unite him with the heroes; he also sent Luigi and Mario to The Underwhere to unite with each other and restore the broken Pure Heart. He did this so that he could let the heroes unite and get all Pure Hearts to defeat Count Bleck - because Dimentio said he was betrayed by him, and didn't have the strength to defeat him on his own. Dimentio requests Mario and Luigi to return the favor by defeating Count Bleck and fighting by his side; but Tippi warns them not to (and if the player bothers to agree to help him, Dimentio will brainwash the heroes and result in a Game Over). Afterwards, Dimentio insults Luigi and coaxes him to battle - without the Pixls and Tippi. Luigi beats Dimentio; but after that, Dimentio kills both himself and Luigi.

Mario finally makes it to the castle's inner sanctum, all alone, through the final and hardest puzzle in the game; after getting past it, he and Tippi are greeted by Bleck and Nastasia. After his assistant leaves, Bleck attacks Mario with the power of the Chaos Heart, while Mario continuously jumps on him, having no effects. Eventually, Bleck gets bored with Mario and prepares a major attack that will end him. At that moment, Bowser (who fell through the floor before the ceiling collasped), Peach (who fell through the floor and landed on Bowser), and Luigi (not even knowning what happened to him, having been found out-cold by Peach) all come in to help. Bleck's Chaos Heart shield is destroyed by the uniting of the four heroes of legend, letting the real battle begin, which eventually ends in Bleck's defeat.

As Bleck pleads for death and Tippi pleads for Bleck to live, Dimentio emerges, seemingly murders Nastasia (who shields him from killing Count Bleck), and takes control of the Chaos Heart, and Luigi. He fuses them together to create Super Dimentio. Dimentio then sends Bleck, Nastasia, and Tippi to Dimension D, planning to deal with them later, and combines his power with his jester abomination to make Super Dimentio invincible. Super Dimentio reveals that he's invincible to the heroes and begins to destroy all worlds. As all hope seems lost along with existence itself, Bleck and Tippi argue about the heroes' predicament, until Mimi and O'Chunks come with their support, teleporting to Dimension D with Mimi's help, having received a hint about the location from Nastasia. It is revealed that before Tippi was turned into a Pixl, she was really Timpani, the love of Count Bleck, and that when Timpani vanished, Count Bleck thought the world was meaningless without her and used the Chaos Heart to try to destroy it. Now reunited, their hope makes the Pure Hearts reactivate. Tippi brings the Pure Hearts to Mario and the gang, and uses them to render Super Dimentio vulnerable (as well as fully healing Mario and Co.). After an intense battle, Super Dimentio's body explodes leaving only his head. Barely clinging to life, Dimentio has one last trick up his sleeve. He leaves a portion of his power to stay behind even after death to continue controlling the Chaos Heart and wipe out all existence. Uttering his final "Ciao" (representing his psychopathic nature even in the tensest situation), Dimentio explodes and sinks into the ground and obliteration. Luigi is released unharmed, but the Chaos Heart's power continues and the worlds continue to decay. As the worlds begin to deform under the humongous Void, the reformed Bleck and his minions lead Mario and the other three heroes to a door that Bleck summons. It's the chapel where Bleck married Bowser and Peach and the Chaos Heart is still on the altar here. Bleck and Tippi come to the podium, where they marry themselves. The Pure Hearts also unite on the altar and counteract the Chaos Heart, using the power of the love between Tippi and Count Bleck. This was enough to get rid of the Chaos Heart and the Void.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Nastasia, O'Chunks, Mimi, and the Pixls return to Flipside, where they are greeted once more by Merlon. They are all curious to what happened to Bleck and Tippi, now known to be Blumiere and Timpani. Until then, they all participate in a victory dinner that Saffron made for them. Mario and the others were sent back to their own dimension after that.

At the end of the credits, two shadowy figures, implied to be Timpani and Blumiere, are seen on top of a hill in a paradise dimension (possibly The Overthere).

Between chapters, an all-dialogue narrative takes place, concerning the story of two lovers named Blumiere and Timpani, which becomes increasingly relevant to the main story of the game. Also, upon completing the final chapter of Castle Bleck, since Tippi ended her game marrying Count Bleck, she is unavailable to use, instead Tiptron can be bought from Francis as a replacment. O'Chunks also appears near the first Flipside Heart Pillar, Nastasia appears near the first Flopside Heart Pillar, and Mimi goes back to Merlee's Mansion.


Playable CharactersEdit

[15][16]The title screen with the playable characters.The game has four playable characters, not counting the Pixls.

  • Mario - The main character of the game. He is playable right from the start of game. His purpose is to use his Flip, learned very early in the game by Bestovius, in order to flip from 2D to 3D, and vice versa.
  • Princess Peach - Princess Peach is the second hero in the game, recruited after Chapter 1. After being held captive in Castle Bleck, an unknown force teleported her out. She ends up hurt in Flipside, and after being given some Spicy Soup from Mario, joins him. Her purpose in the overworld is to use her Parasol to not necessarily fly, but to glide and also duck.
  • Bowser - Bowser is the third hero in the game, and is recruited after beating him and arguing with him in The Bitlands. Bowser was quite reluctant to travel with Mario, but Princess Peach convinced him to come. Bowser's purpose in the overworld is to use his trademark Fire Breath to burn enemies (some of which are immune to it).
  • Luigi - Luigi is the last hero recruited, and is recruited deep into the game (Chapter 7). Prior to Chapter 2's interlude, he spends his time in Castle Bleck. Then, until Chapter 7, he is brainwashed and believes he is Mr. L, and he fights Mario twice. After finding Luigi in the The Underwhere, Luigi pridefully joins Mario. His purpose in the overworld is to use his Super Jump against enemies and to reach high places.


Super Paper Mario's audience.The Audience is a group of generic creatures who will appear whenever Mario, Peach, Bowser or Luigi attacks an enemy and does a stylish move, which is done by shaking the Wii Remote when stomping on an enemy. They appear on the sides of the screen and say "Nice", "Good", "Great", "Wonderful", and "Excellent". This approval of the Crowd gives the player a higher score than if they had just jumped on the enemy. The audience in this game consists of Toads, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Shy Guys, only has a handful of species from the previous game. By doing this, the player can get more points faster.

Boss Battles (in order)Edit

Bold signifies Chapter Bosses.


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Attack Items

  • Bone-In Cut - Temporarily doubles the player's Attack.
  • Fire Burst - Broils enemies with searing flames.
  • Ghost Shroom - Summons a Ghost Shroom to damage enemies.
  • Hot Sauce - Temporarily doubles the player's Attack.
  • Ice Storm - Pelts enemies with frigid shards of ice and freezes them.
  • Mighty Tonic - Briefly doubles the player's attack.
  • POW Block - Rattles enemies on the ground and ceiling.
  • Shell Shock - Rams into enemies when the player kicks the shell.
  • Shooting Star - Showers enemies with a flurry of shooting stars.
  • Thunder Rage - Strikes enemies with lightning.
  • Volt Shroom - Briefly paralyzes enemies the player touches.

Damaging Items

  • Poison Shroom - Poisons the player and makes them lose HP, so the item should be sold rather than used.
  • Dangerous Delight - Blocks the player's abilities, including jumping, reverses the controls and makes the characters move slowly.

Defense Items

Recovery Items

Miscellaneous Items

  • Catch Card - Catches an enemy's soul (if it works).
  • Catch Card SP - Catches an enemy's soul (almost always works).
  • Gold Bar - A bar worth around 100 coins.
  • Gold Bar x3 - A trio of gold bars; worth around 300 coins.
  • Gold Medal - A medal worth 10,000 points.
  • HP Plus - Raises HP by 5 permanently.
  • Mega Star - Makes the player huge and invincible for a short time.
  • Mystery Box - Becomes a random item when used.
  • Pal Pill - Summons little buddies to surround and defend the player.
  • Power Plus - Raises Attack by 1 permanently.
  • Sleepy Sheep - Briefly puts enemies to sleep.
  • Slow Flower - Temporarily slows down time; triples value of coins and points.
  • Speed Flower - Temporarily speeds up time; triples value of coins and points.
  • Star Medal - A medal worth 1,000 points.
  • Stop Watch - Stop enemies in their tracks.

Important Items


Pixls are new creatures in the game that give Mario and crew new abilities. There are thirteen in total, four are optional. However, only twelve can be carried, since Tiptron is only available after Tippi disappears. They replace the partners from the previous Paper Mario games, and set the record for the most allies in the series. Also, an odd ladder pixl was seen in beta versions of the game, but was cut out from the final version for unknown reasons.

Pixl Information
Tippi Tippi is the first Pixl that Mario will find. She resembles a butterfly, and can find secrets and areas previously inaccessible without her. She will also give information on characters and give the crew hints. Tippi is unique because she is always active, so Mario will always have two Pixls out at once (one of which is usually Tippi except in certain parts in the game). Tiptron will get this power at the end of the game when Tippi permanently leaves the player.
Thoreau Thoreau resembles a hand. He grants the characters the ability to pick up enemies, and then throw them. Nintendo Power noted that this ability is probably a reference to the move that the characters could perform in Super Mario Bros. 2 or Doki Doki Panic.
Boomer Boomer possesses the ability to turn into a bomb, and blow up. This will uncover secret areas, and can defeat certain enemies. He is usually the key in many boss battles as well.
Slim Slim will allow Mario and crew to turn sideways, and squeeze through tight spaces such as rails. Also, if the player stands still he'll become invisible.
Thudley Thudley resembles a weight. Thudley will give Mario and friends the ability to Ground Pound. It deals double damage with Mario, Peach and Luigi, and four times the regular damage with Bowser
Carrie Carrie is able to turn into a platform that can carry Mario and Co. through dangerous places, to safety. She can travel over spikes and take no damage. She can also jump on spiked enemies without sustaining damage.
Fleep Fleep can flip objects caught in a different dimension back to its original one. Mario and co. should look for shining objects that resemble a lightning bolt. He can also make enemies dizzy so the player can pass them by. Fleep is also the only Pixl that cannot be used in 3D, and is the least used of all the required Pixls in the game.
Cudge Cudge resembles a mallet. Cudge lets Mario use a hammer like in previous Paper Mario titles. It can slam down posts, break open areas, and does double damage.
Dottie Dottie has the ability to shrink the main character. The player can then go into little red doors. (They are shops with hard to find items) Enemies will not notice the player, but if Mario and co. touch them they will still take damage.
Barry Barry can surround the main character with a strong barrier that can destroy enemies in its way. He can also shoot sound waves that can hurt enemies when he turns into a barrier. He is obtained by visiting The Bitlands after rescuing Tippi and talking to him. (optional)
Dashell Dashell provides a speed boost for the party. It is best useful when traveling from place to place. He is obtained by completing the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. (optional)
Piccolo Piccolo plays music (different styles with each character) that can cure Mario and his team from any status problems, excluding poison. Using music, she can break blocks with her outline carved in it and can also put the Underchomp to sleep. She is obtained by completing a side quest from Merlee after Chapter 5 and unlocking the door in the alleyway of the first floor of Flopside. (optional)
Tiptron Although not a Pixl, Tiptron can be bought off of Francis for 999 coins as an additional partner. It replaces Tippi at the end of the game and has all of the same powers as her, even her consciousness. (optional)

Extra Minigames and OptionsEdit

Duel of 100Edit

  • After the player beats the game, they can also do the Duel of 100, this time being able to do the entire 100 gates, without the kingdom being destroyed again.

The Pits of 100 TrialsEdit

The Flipside ArcadeEdit

  • Forget Me Not - A card matching game with familiar characters from the game. Missing three times in one round is a game over.
  • Mansion Patrol - A shooting game that involves the character shooting Boos to get points. This game marks one of the only appearances of Toads in the entire game.
  • Tilt Island - The player uses the Wii Remote to tilt a small "island" of sorts while collecting food items and dodging enemies. The more items collected, the higher the player's score is.
  • Hammer Whacker (Unlockable with Golden Card) -The player holds a large hammer and whacks giant shells back at the Koopa Striker, who hits the shells towards the player.

Similarities to Previous Paper Mario GamesEdit

As with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this game contained many similarities and reused elements from the previous games, such as:

  • All three intros in the Paper Mario series began at at the Mario brothers' house.
  • All three games featured interludes where the player had to maneuver Peach through the enemy base.
  • Both games feature interludes in which the player can control a character who was captured by the main villain in the beginning of the game. However, in Super Paper Mario, there are only two such interludes, instead of one after every chapter and the characters in the interludes later become playable, unlike in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where the interlude characters could only be played during the interludes.
  • All three games had a small town within Chapter 1.
  • A red palm tree was seen in the desert, just as it was in the first Paper Mario. As with that one, something had to be done near it in order to trigger something.
  • This game, too, had its own versions of Merlon, Merlee, and Merluvlee.
  • As with Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario also featured a partner that was used to blow up cracks in walls and reveal hidden areas.
  • This game also contained a partner with the power to evade enemy attacks, as well as getting pass floors with rising spikes.
  • Super Paper Mario also contained a partner that could get Mario over spikes and other dangerous terrain.
  • All three games include a reptile as a Chapter 3 boss.
  • In both Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario, the boss of Chapter 2 is chased by a creature with dog-like qualities. In Paper Mario, Tutankoopa is chased by a Chain Chomp. In Super Paper Mario, Mimi is chased by a Gnaw.
  • In all three, the second and fourth chapter bosses work for the main villain (although Doopliss does not join Grodus until after he is defeated in Chapter 4). If Smorg was working for Doopliss, then this applies to the sixth boss as well.
  • In both Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario, Mario has to run away from a chapter boss who chases him because they are invincible and cannot be defeated until the end of the chapter. In Paper Mario, Mario has to run away from Tubba Blubba. In Super Paper Mario, Mario and Peach have to run away from Mimi in her spider form.
  • Also, all three games have a chapter boss that is invincible until the end of the chapter. Paper Mario being Tubba Blubba, Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door being Doopliss, and Super Paper Mario being Mimi. However, unlike Tubba Blubba and Mimi, Doopliss never actually chases the player, although they must run away from him in battle if they guess his name wrong when he asks them.
  • This game featured a plant boss at the end of Chapter 5, just as the first Paper Mario did.
  • Lady Bow and Parakarry made cameos in this game, just as they did in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • As with the first and second Paper Mario games, Mario had an ally that knows how to use the Tattle ability.
  • As with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this game, too, contained a main villain that was being used as a pawn the entire time, and an ally to get possessed by the game's final boss.
  • In both Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario, the main villain's name resembles an expression of disgust, and his minion who is using him has a name resembling a word related to insanity.
  • In all three games, a character says "Still your tongue" to a character whose name starts with B. Bow says "Still your tongue, Bootler", Grodus says "Still your tongue, Beldam", and Blumiere's father says "Still your tongue, Blumiere". This may have been intentional.
  • Super Paper Mario, just like the first game, featured a cutscene where an enemy asked questions about Mario and company's weakpoints, and the kinds of things they hate.
  • Super Paper Mario has a childish shapeshifting character, just like the previous game.
  • As with Paper Mario, this game had its own Jr. Troopa (meaning the most frequently fought boss).
  • Bowser is fought in all three Paper Mario games.
  • All three Paper Mario games had at least one party member that had to be fought first before they become playable.
  • The first chapter of all three Paper Mario games took place in a fortress/dungeon-like setting. And just like in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a large dragon was a boss that was fought at the end.
  • Super Paper Mario contains a Pit of 100 Trials, as well; and just as it is in the second game, it is entirely optional, and contains a boss that is supposedly more difficult than this game's final boss, but, in the case of the Flipside pit, is very similar to the first boss.
  • In Chapter 8-2, Mario and company are lured into a trap by Mimi, where she tricks them into hitting a blue ! Block, similar to how Yellow Ninjakoopa set a trap for Mario, where he would hit a fake ? Block that caused him to fall through a trap door, as well as the trap that Lord Crump set in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which was activated by placing the Puni Orb in a fake pedestal.
  • The final stages of all three games involve a shapeshifting villain masquerading as a familiar character: a Duplighost impersonates Princess Peach in Bowser's Castle in the first game, Doopliss impersonates Professor Frankly at the Shadow Palace entrance in the second and Mimi mimics Merlon acually within Castle Bleck in this game.
  • The final battles of all three Paper Mario games involve a villain becoming invincible, where the items that were collected throughout the game have to be used against them to remove their invincibility barriers.
  • The final bosses of both Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario offered Mario and his allies a chance to join them, and if "yes" is chosen, then the player's game will be over.
  • In addition, the final bosses in both of these games had the goal of ending the world, and before both of the final battles, some of the previous worlds are shown about to end.
  • In both Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, there is a new character that is the main antagonist for most of the game, but ends up getting betrayed/killed by the true final boss. Also, the final bosses of each of these games were Mario's friends who were forced to fuse with the main villain.
  • Although Chapter 7 didn't take place in a snowy region like it did in the first two Paper Mario games, it did contain a boss with power over the ice element, just like the first Paper Mario.
  • As with the previous game, Super Paper Mario had an ordinary enemy by the name of "Johnson", as well.
  • Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door both have legends involving four heroes.
  • All three Paper Mario titles involve battling a giant Blooper at some point in the game.
  • All three chapter 5 bosses have more than 1 form.
  • Each Chapter 5 features a non-partner character that goes along with Mario to the chapter's location, and at least one point enters the "dungeon" with him (Professor Kolorado, Flavio, and Flint Cragley). All three have a significant part to play near the end; Kolorado gives Mario an item needed to enter the sixth chapter in return for the treasure, Flavio negotiates with Cortez to fight off an attack by Crump, and Cragley informs the Cragnons of the reason behind the Floro Sapiens' invasion and tells them to stop throwing trash into the river.
  • All of Mario's partners in this game were a final boss in at least one of each of the 3 released Paper Mario titles, Bowser in Paper Mario, Peach in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (possessed by the Shadow Queen), and Luigi in Super Paper Mario (hypnotized and combined with Dimentio).
  • In this and the previous game, there is a segment where the floor is flooded with a swarm of enemies. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, this happens with Dull Bones in Hooktail's Castle, and in Super Paper Mario, this happens with copies of Dimentios in Count Bleck's castle.
  • Also, in both games, there is a major battle between armies of the enemies, one side being the good guys and one side being the bad. The two sides fight eachother and the good side wins. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, it is Grodus' army vs. the capsized civilians. In this game, it is the Skellboit army vs. the Nambis.
  • In this and the second game, there is a segment where the player has to help Peach in some way using an item. In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Peach herself creates a potion, and if it is made incorrectly, she can turn either big or small. In this game, she is asleep and the player has to bring her a fruit that can wake her up. If the player brings her the wrong fruit, she will turn either big or small as well. The smoke effect when Peach is given said item is similar as well.
  • All three games require the player to be in at least the fourth chapter to cook two things together.

References to Other GamesEdit

  • Game & Watch - The Flopside Pit of 100 Trials design is based on the design of Game & Watch games.
  • Super Mario Bros. - When Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser or a Koopa Troopa gets a Mega Star they grow big and look identical to how they do in this game; the Shell Shock item sprite, as well as the ? Block sprites have also been recycled, and when Piccolo is in use, she causes the characters to have the same sound effects as in the original Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 has been recreated in Chapter 1-1 (which also has a remix of the main theme), World 1-2 has been recreated in Chapter 3-1, World 2-1 was recreated in Chapter 5-3, and World 2-2 was recreated in Chapter 3-2. Underground rooms filled completely with coins (called coin rooms by some) reappear, and Bowser's castle in the Bitlands is based on the castle designs of Super Mario Bros. One of the Sammer Guys says "Sorry, but your prize is in another castle", referring what the Toads say after being rescued from False Bowsers, and when Mario is sent to the Underwhere, there is a reference to the Minus World. The Pal Pills can go out, which are eight little Mario, Luigi, Peach or Bowser sprites from this game. In Outer Space, there are constellations of Fire Flowers and Super Mushrooms at the background. Also, the Shell Shock item is a sprite of this game's Koopa Shell. Also, Super Dimentio can create slightly bigger Pal Pills.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - Francis' to-buy list includes something called Cyborg Wart, a reference to Wart, the final boss of this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 - The theme song that plays when the Big Blooper appears in Chapter 3-2 is a remix of the underwater background music that plays in this game. At the start of the Yold Ruins, there is a place where Mario must avoid bottomless pits and a fire bar in order to get to a door. There is a ? Block above where the Firebar is. Additionally, if Mario climbs the platforms to the area above the exit, he can find a secret treasure chest. This is an allusion to the first fortress in World 1 of Super Mario Bros. 3, where the secret was found by flying above where the door was and the secret was the Warp Whistle.
  • Super Mario World - When the player hits the blue switch at Chapter 1-2, it shows the first part of Yoshi's Island 3. Part of the main theme is remixed into Chapter 1-1's music.
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - The Mine Cart theme is re-used during a mine cart scene in Chapter 5-3.
  • Paper Mario - Every partner in this game returns as a Catch Card. Francis also has posters of Lady Bow and Bootler. Tubba Blubba was also mentioned by Francis, stating that there's a TV show called "The Blubbening", which stars him. Also, Mimi makes two direct references to this game. The first part is when she shapeshifts into Bowser and yells at Dimentio for reading her diary (which was a reference to Peach and Twink reading Bowser's diary), and the second part is when Mimi shapeshifts into Merlee, asking Mario and company about their weakpoints, just as Bowser and Kammy did to Peach. Also, at the beginning of the game, Mario has a picture with all eight partners from both Paper Mario and its sequel. Also, the noise that plays when an enemy is defeated (when it disappears) is the noise that plays in Paper Mario when an enemy disappears, only sped up. The song that plays after the character completes a chapter (while a piece of paper at the mid of the screen is telling the chapter's story) is the Paper Mario's plain music.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Every partner in this game returns as a Catch Card. Francis also has plush toys of the Yoshi Kid, Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, and Pennington, along with a poster of Petuni. Sir Grodus and the X-Nauts are also referenced by him when he mentioned the TV shows, "The Grodus Chronicles" and "Starship X-Naut". On Francis' things to buy list, he wants a Ms. Mowz doll with "real smooching action", as well as the DVD, "From Bedrawk: The Rawk Hawk Story". A Magnus von Grapple action figure was also on that list. Additionally, Fracktail and Wracktail are homages to Hooktail and Bonetail, and one of the Sammer Guys is nicknamed "Thousand-Year Roar". Also, as mentioned above, Mario has a picture of all seven partners from this game (with Flurrie being the most noticeable), as well as the partners from the first game.
  • Luigi's Mansion - The Mini-Game Mansion Patrol takes place in the foyer of the mansion from this game.

References in Later GamesEdit

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - The trophies, Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Paper Bowser, Paper Peach, Wedding Bowser, Wedding Peach and Fracktail all reference the story of this game in the description. Count Bleck, Tippi, and O'Chunks also appear as Stickers.